Herman Miller Showroom

Guangzhou, China


Herman Miller Showroom


Guangzhou, China


263 m²


Peng & Partners

Established in America in the early 20th century, Herman Miller can be deemed as one of the most prestigious office furniture brands in the world. This is reflected in their new showroom in Guangzhou, China, which forms a spiritual architectural community that integrates brands and designs in an innovative way. Just like the Bolon Artisan flooring, that has been carefully chosen due to its color texture and architectural qualities, the artwork selection has been connected to the very purpose of furniture and design. What gets closest to furniture is the human body and therefore paintings and sketches of human bodies in simple lines have a natural affinity with the furniture which can better integrate the visitors’ experience into the space. In this showroom, every piece has been carefully considered so that the interplay between elements leave an impression on every visitor.

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