Professional cleaners

Cleaning a Bolon floor is fuss-free and straightforward. Let’s get started.

General advice

With Bolon flooring, routine cleaning can be accomplished with a vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brush, water and a minimal dose of stain remover. A poorly maintained floor, or a floor that has become extremely dirty, can be restored to an almost-new condition. We call this method zeroing. Correctly performed maintenance extends the lifecycle of the floor. Factors such as colour, design or where the flooring is installed impacts cleaning requirements and product lifecycle. Mechanical cleaning can be performed with appropriate roller brush machines. For daily cleaning, we recommend vacuuming.

Vacuum cleaner
Stain remover pH of 7-8
Use water
Scrubbing brush
Mechanical cleaning

Cleaning routines

Bolon flooring can be used in most areas within indoor environments, as it is both durable and easy to clean. However, an efficient entry system could save your floor from 85% of all incoming dirt. Moreover, choose the colour of the flooring with care. Start by considering the function and the surroundings of the space. We advise our customers to divide their interiors into different zones by grading them based on foot traffic. A high traffic area requires more cleaning and maintenance than one that is less busy.

Mechanical cleaning – Wet Vac Scrubber-Dryer method

Start by vacuum cleaning. Use a scrubber-dryer with vertical rotating soft brush rollers, lukewarm water, or ultra-pure water if possible. If necessary, use a minimal dose of an all-purpose cleaner with a pH of 7-8. With smaller doses, the floor will not need rinsing afterwards. Pre-treat heavily soiled areas and stains by spraying an all-purpose cleaner with a pH of 7-8 directly onto the floor. Clean the floor along the longitudinal weave direction, where possible. Refrain from spraying too much water.

Manual cleaning

Manually clean smaller areas that cannot be reached with a cleaning machine. Start by vacuum cleaning. If needed, use a scrubbing brush, warm water and an all-purpose cleaner with a pH of 7-8. Dry the area with a soft cloth or microfibre cloth.

How to clean coffee stains

How to clean set-in coffee stain

How to clean Wine stains

How to remove a sticky gum

How to clean dirty shoe marks

How to clean shoe marks

How to clean food stains

Stain removal

With Bolon flooring, stain removal is simple. Most of the time, all you need is warm water, a scrubbing brush and a dry cloth. It is best if the stains are treated right away. Before you use a stain remover, make sure it is suitable for use on vinyl flooring.


Chocolate, fat, juice, cream, coffee, beer, wine

Hot water + all-purpose cleaner

Asphalt, oil, shoe polish, chalk, ink

Chemically pure petrol

Water-based glue

Hot water

Solvent-based glue

Chemically pure petrol

Marks from shoes

Rub with dry cloth

Chewing gum

Hot water, steam or freeze spray

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