We are pushing recycling in the design industry


Sustainability isn’t just something we say. It’s what we do.

Bolon started production in 1949 with a bold idea: to produce woven rugs from waste material. Put simply, it was recycling long before the word was common. Sustainability is built into our DNA. It’s an important part of who we are as a company. We are proud that our sustainability work covers all our products and not just selected niche collections. This means that when it comes to sustainability, Bolon is the global industry leader.

All our products contain 68% waste material, with zero climate impact in every square meter. We know that recycled material is the solution for both climate and circularity.

Climate-neutral product

At Bolon, we have decided not to have a green collection. All our flooring contains BIO-sourced PVC, recycled PVC and recycled chalk. This adds up to 68% waste material with 0% climate impact in every square meter, and we still have the most premium design flooring on the market. 

Climate-neutral production

All our manufacturing takes place in our factory in Ulricehamn, Sweden. The whole factory is a dry plant - no liquids are used except water for humidifiers. The factory has a closed cooling system with no additives and no water consumption. We use only renewable and certified electricity, making our entire production climate-neutral. The solar panels on our roof cover 25% of the annual demand.

Our journey


100% BIO-sourced PVC in weave


100% recycled PVC in backing


100% recycled chalk in the backing


We start our own electricity production via solar cells on the factory roof


All collections contain recycled material


Raw material from eco-labelled PVC is introduced in production


Our integrated recycling plant opens


Change to phthalate-free plasticiser


Implementation of 100% renewable electricity


Switch to stabilisers free from heavy metal

Material and supplier facts

  • 100% of all PVC is BIO-sourced or recycled PVC
  • 100% recycled chalk in the backing
  • PVC is durable, fire-resistant and easy to recycle
  • Most of our Tier 1 suppliers are located within 250 km of our production facility
  • Our flooring meets strict emission standards over its full lifespan

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