Bolon Studio

Shape it up!

Bolon Studio is a seductively stylish concept for us creatives, innovators, and dreamers.

Simple shapes at first glance… But when put together these curated tiles build mind-blowing immersive expressions. Always dynamic, and always exact. 

A woven flooring renaissance playing with spatial intelligence. New dimensions to shape things up and make any floor a fantasy-come-true.

A tool to reshape the world of flooring.

Geometry means measuring earth in Greek. Hexagon can design honeycomb pathways and spatial guidance through repetition. Meta levels of whimsical mosaic calculated carefully. 

Prism will make a room shift; a shape that will make textures come alive. Designed as a flower petal or grid pattern, you’ll begin to see things like never before.

Forming a connection (with or between). Ornamental Link exemplifies perfect symmetry by itself. Petite and static, though when combined with Hexagon or Bigger will reshape other stories of interior design.

A symbol of unity, Triangle is a powerful and refined geometric shape. Crafted in three different dimensions, with a design range that will please everyone.

Wing is mind-blowingly versatile; this graphic shape will build complex design patterns. Playing with angles and 3D effects. 

Of considerable size and magnitude. Bigger is a graphic wing shape in a bigger scale. Exact calculations command presence with 3D effects and even bigger depths.

Never square. Rectangle is a simple yet clever shape that inhabits genius. Go zigzag or straight or make a staircase pattern. Playfully exceeding all expectations.

Golden ratio. Stable and straightforward is only one side of Pillar. Mathematical beauty enables shaping decorative harmony. Think labyrinth.

With a sense of overlapping tiles formed by nature, Scale is exactly what it is. A static shape forming stylish softness. Universal as a pinecone.

A steadfast building block, Wave will construct surfs or grids of movement. A geometrical system softly swaying motion to and fro.

Transporting could describe this tile’s optical effect. In waves or stripes, it Moves energy and emotion, dynamic depending on the choice of colour.

Curated shapes for hyper-personalized flooring. Made by our weaving looms in Ulricehamn in Sweden, using recycled material and renewable energy.

Calculated symmetry with endless possibilities.

Bolon Studio indulges in geometric, graphic, and organic shapes. A kaleidoscope of wondrous flooring designs made possible, by mixing and matching textures and colours from the Bolon collections!

Unstoppable creativity and infinite playfulness, a concept of tiles in mind-opening shapes. Flooring will never be the same again!

Stepping onto never-ending geometry.

Nine different shapes, in thirteen differently sized made-to-order tiles. Do the math, or don’t. Bolon Studio will reshape any and every type of floor to its full glory.