Hexagon is a geometric shape – round but interrupted by sharp contours on six different sides. This tile will create a pattern within a pattern. Like honeycomb pathways and spatial guidance through repetition. Or a flower pattern on a large surface.

This adaptable tile can also be combined with Bigger or Link.


Bolon Studio is a concept of curated shapes for hyper-personalized flooring. By making your own selection from a range of thirteen different tiles and combining the shape with most of our flooring collections, the possibilities are endless.

Your design will look completely different depending on the choice of texture, colour, the direction of the weft, and light reflections. For further product information please browse each collection.

Material Made of woven vinyl with roll backing, for use of permanent adhesive.

One box contains 4,41 square metres of flooring, 18 tiles.

Area For larger areas than 100 square metres, contact Bolon or your local dealer for advice.
In 2023 Bolon Studio will be available in all the Bolon collections, with only a few exceptions: Collaboration collections Bolon by Patricia Urquiola, Bolon by Jean Nouvel; original collection Graphic as well as Truly #1; nor in the Bolon By You concept.