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Why choose Bolon?

The ease of maintenance is crucial when choosing a flooring solution. No matter how many times it has been stepped on, it is supposed to look just as neat and clean as it did on day one. And this is one of the reasons why we work with woven vinyl, as it helps us to create great-looking design flooring that is resilient, durable and easy to clean.


Easy to clean

Most cleaning can be performed with a vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brush, water and a minimal dose of stain remover. In most cases, our floors can be restored to an almost-new condition with the zeroing-method.


Simple stain removal

With Bolon flooring, stain removal is simple. Most of the time, only warm water, a scrubbing brush and a dry cloth is required. Treat the stains right away.



The use of vinyl yarn and solid backing layers makes our products durable, strong and easy to clean. Floors are impervious to liquids, and have no exposed fibres where dust, dirt or debris can hide. All products come with a 10 or 15-year warranty.


Indoor air quality

Bolon floors are inherently hypoallergenic, which ensures better indoor air quality. All products also have low VOC emissions, and no hazardous plasticisers or stabilisers are used in the production process. The softener used in our flooring is approved for children’s toys.


Return of investment

Bolon floors represent an unbeatable combination of design, durability, and ease of cleaning. They are designed and produced to last, making them perfect for high-intensity and commercial environments.



All of our collections contain recycled materials. We produce all our products in Ulricehamn in Sweden, using only renewable energy.

Bolon vs textile flooring

Both textile flooring and Bolon’s woven vinyl flooring can be regularly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. The everyday effort and cost are about the same for the two alternatives. The most significant difference is stain removal. It is hard to get rid of stains from a textile carpet; this can even require a carpet cleaning procedure. Bolon flooring is not very stain-sensitive. The dirt does not penetrate into the flooring, and can easily be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and a microfibre cloth or mop. Cost-wise, Bolon flooring is cost-effective to maintain, because textile carpets require more frequent periodic cleaning due to stains.


Stain removal

Easy to remove stains, most stains can be removed directly

Stain removal often requires a thorough cleaning procedure


Due to the solid backing, the floor will not absorb dirt or liquids

Textile flooring is sensitive to dirt


By removing stains directly, the flooring looks clean in 
between periodic cleaning

Since stain removal requires deep cleaning, it can look 
poorly maintained


Everyday cleaning procedures are similar for woven vinyl and textile flooring

Requires more frequent periodic cleaning

The comparison is based on in-depth interviews conducted with independent professional cleaners.
The presented compilation is a summary of their comments and insights.

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