Turku Technology Properties

Turku, Finland


Turku Technology Properties


Turku, Finland


2000 m2


Sigge Architects

Highly regarded as an attractive location for businesses and people, Turku, Finland was the ideal location for this new build project. Made up of 5 properties, the science park has a vision to create a space where companies can innovate, develop and generate possibilities for future growth and profitable business. Targeted for high-tech, biotechnology and B2B services the science park is located within walking distance of the city center and is a show stopper. Sigge Architects were responsible for the overall look of the building and the impressive features on the outside certainly match the inside. Using 2,000 square meters of various Bolon flooring, the interior spaces have been transformed each emitting a unique identify. You can’t help but smile!

Floors in this project

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