London, United Kingdom




London, United Kingdom


Ed Reeve


1029 m2



Frameless, the new digital immersive art gallery located in Marble arch, London, was designed by APA, to impress with its clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and sophisticated touch. The gallery features a range of Bolon flooring throughout, from the moment you step into the building, you’ll be struck by the use of Bolon By You, a customisable collection, which adds a touch of luxury to the gallery. 

The Café Bar area is marked by a prominent cinematic signage suspended above a bold terrazzo Bar plinth, with Bolon Studio Triangles in Botanic Sage and Silence Sense.

As a digital immersive art gallery, Frameless is dedicated to showcasing the latest in cutting-edge technology and digital art. The gallery’s use of Bolon flooring is just example of its commitment to creating a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

“As always, the reason we chose Bolon is the robustness of the material, the beautiful patterns and colours, the exciting 3 dimensional appearance, the acoustic properties and how practical it is to install.”

Valantis Matsakas, APA London

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