Praxis Dr. Laura Dahmen

Krefeld , Germany


Praxis Dr. Laura Dahmen


Krefeld , Germany


153 m²


Döring Dahmen Joeressen Architekten Düsseldorf

The work carried out for this practice underline the classical forms and lines of the architecture as well as the design and style elements from the furniture to the works of art. The combination of high-quality rubber in combination with the customized Bolon flooring from the Bolon by You collection emphasizes the generosity of the premises. The light design runs from the reception to the friendly waiting area all the way to the treatment rooms. Designed to meet the high demands of a multitude of patients as well as the hygienic standards of a modern orthodontic practice, the winning combination also scores high aesthetics and the possibility of individual creative possibilities, as we know them from the world of fashion design.

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Photographer: Marcellini Essen

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