Serial SA

Genève, Switzerland


Serial SA


Genève, Switzerland


795 m2


Atelier Nova

The IT-company, Serial’s Geneva office features an area of 800 m2 inspiring, playful yet professional office design. The modern workplace features four “telephone” boxes, a gaming room, beanbags, a mini amphitheater filled with oak and cushions. The Bolon flooring creates a blend between leisure and work, whilst a thin sheet covering the wall allows employees to unwind, write down a thought of the day or make a note of some scholarly calculations.

What looks like the beginning of a forest is tumbling down from the ceiling and brings some vegetation to an open space teeming with 80 people, where the semi-white, semi-oak tables play with questions of privacy and togetherness.

Installer: Rdeco
Text partly sourced from: Atelier Nova
Photographer: Daniela Droz & Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

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