Provinciehuis Flevoland

Lelystad, Netherlands


Provinciehuis Flevoland


Lelystad, Netherlands


8000 m2


OZ architect

The office building for the provincial government in the Dutch region of Flevoland used to be a complex of 4 buildings without any visual unity.  OZ Architects presented a design proposal that was much more radical than what the Provincial Council initially requested.

The choice for 8.000 square meters Bolon Elements Oak tiles 50 x 50 cm Bolon is primarily in line with the requirements of the client who wanted to have a sustainable, durable and a maintenance-friendly floor that is easy to clean.

“We wanted to create a warm effect, so that you feel at home. Bolon can be easily applied to the large surfaces we have to deal with in the Provinciehuis, because that is where the floor creates a warm effect. Bolon has a chic look. For me, the floor has the same luxury feeling as haute couture. Still, Bolon is relatively affordable. " says Joanna Wnuk from OZ Architects.

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