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Create - Facio

Profiled yarn flooring with a textured surface creates exciting 3D effects – Facio presents this in khaki green. The profiled yarn lets the floor create three-dimensional and light reflecting effects that bring any interior environment to life. The colours shift spectacularly between shades of light and dark, depending on where in the room you are standing, how the light falls and how the flooring is laid. 

  • Use classification: Heavy Commercial 33
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Contains up to 33% recycled material.
  • Rolls product number: 105 066
  • 50 x 50 Tile product number: 105 078

Let your imagination flow freely and compose your own creations for Create in our Bolon Tile Design Tool.

Design with Bolon Tile Design Tool


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A true world’s first in designer flooring, Create features a profiled yarn, a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave. This method lets the floor create three-dimensional effects and light reflecting patterns that bring any interior environment to life. Furthermore, Create has a soft, textile-like feeling and high durability making it ideal for areas of high foot traffic. 

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