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”STTK's entire office has Bolon flooring. Particularly our conference rooms are in heavy use. Although the chairs in the conference rooms are not on wheels, the flooring has withstood the constant moving of the chairs. Cleaners praise the easy maintenance. Bolon comes in different designs to enliven the look of the office. It's hard to imagine any other carpet like flooring solution for offices.”
Erkki Lavonsalo, CFO
”The Bolon Now Champagne on rolls was installed in February 2012 in our shop. We sell exclusive women’s fashion, and the look of a Bolon flooring fits perfectly with that. Our experience of BOLON is very good, and we have made many very positive recommendations, but straight from our hearts. Almost all customers notice that we have a special flooring. Keeping it clean is very easy: scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming etc., so very easy! Snow, rain, dirt from the trees or sometimes even dog poop is easy to clean. Despite the fact the Bolon flooring looked great after daily and weekly cleaning we did a mechanical cleaning twice a year for the hygiene.”
Gonny & Rob , Owners
Robert Daniëlle B.V
Located next to Urho Kekkonen National Park in Finnish Lapland, Javri Lodge is a wooden chalet-style boutique hotel combining sustainable design and astonishing nature with luxury. When designing the historical log cabin, the architects at Raiha Interiors used Bolon’s customized flooring with a Silence pattern to create an ambience that replicates the calmness of the surrounding nature. “The sustainable values where really important in the design process. Part of it was to choose sustainable materials to complement the materials of the old log house. Our starting point was that we had a 50-year-old house, that got about double the size with a modern building part. Then Bolon came in the picture – that’s a modern kind of sustainability.”
Juha Mehtajarvine, One of the founders
Javri Lodge
”We have used Bolon in several of our hotels, and we are very pleased with the outcome in all of them. Since the product range is wide, it is suitable for hotels with different design concepts. The Bolon floor is easy to clean and keep fresh, and therefore, our hotel staff also likes it. Bolon is a good option as a hotel flooring material.”
Kimmo Niittymäki, Head of Project Team
Sokotel Oy
”We have a quite close relationship with Bolon as a supplier, and as we have been using Bolon for so many years we can communicate through the whole process and try new things. We feel like we have great support in Bolon. It’s a good feeling to know that a collaboration like this is with a company that shares the same values. You know that you are using a good product with a company aiming to do good things and focus on the future and sustainability.” ”Being a budget hotel, we choose durability and quality over cheap, short-lived materials and we want the material to last as long as possible. This will give us a better ROI on the whole project and the operations. The oldest Bolon flooring that we still have is 11 years old now. It's got wide white stripes in it, and I don’t think there is any other flooring that we could have white in and keep it for 10 years.”
Kristine Holtås, Interior Architect and Concept Manager
Citybox AS
”I have known about Bolon for at least 20 years. At first, I worked as a sales manager at Kembo, a company that was responsible for the decoration of offices and healthcare segments, etc. We used Bolon quite a lot over there. After I took over my parent's company, which specialised in deep cleaning and maintenance, I got to learn Bolon in another way, how it should be cleaned. Personally, I really like the design and the look and feel of the material. In my opinion, it is something completely different than the other more known flooring materials. The overall experience with Bolon is really good. Of course, I have the advantage that we have quite some knowledge and experience in specialised cleaning. But besides that, I can truly say that if you use the right material and equipment, Bolon is really easy to clean and maintain. Experience teaches that a good barrier zone, just like with any other floor, really helps to keep the dirt out. Besides that, it is important to start with the correct cleaning/maintenance program from the beginning, just as with any other floor. In our academy at our office we installed the most white variant of Bolon at least 10 years ago, and this floor still looks as white and fresh as it did then.”
Marijn van Dijkhuizen
What were the key decision factors that first led you to choose Bolon flooring? “It's been 25 years since I first heard about Bolon, and I wanted to use the flooring for a project with a high-traffic company that handles a lot of printers, often moving them on their casters. I was impressed by the durability of the material. I like the idea of weaving and the non-uniform, worked-through appearance of the patterns. I was also impressed by the colour effects depending on the angle of the view. This product allows me to create a sense of decoration and refinement for my clients.” How has the experience met your expectations? What are the reasons you are happy with Bolon flooring? “I can assure my client that we can clean all the stains and we won't see any. I can guarantee several years of use. As soon as I hear from my customer Yneia, who has 600 m2 of BOLON, I have nothing but compliments.”
Ségolène Toussaint, French Luxury Interior Design Paris
Ségolène Toussaint
”12 years ago, Fotografiska Stockholm opened its doors to the largest photography museum in the world. We installed Bolon in our 1000m2 exhibition halls. With over 5,000,000 visitors over the years, the flooring is still doing the job. Now that we're expanding with new museums in New York, Tallinn, Berlin, etc., we have no hesitation in installing the same floor here. Bolon's curiosity and openness to solve challenges, has led to a slight adjustment of the colour to avoid a glossy surface that reflects the light from exhibition spotlights. The result gives our guests an optimal art experience. In addition, Bolon shares the same values, sustainability is a key word. I would highly recommend them.”
Susanna Wendt, VP Development & Retail
Fotografiska International
“The University of Melbourne has Bolon flooring installed in many buildings in the Parkville campus. Bolon flooring covers approximately 90% of the total flooring in the Giblin Eunson Library (2000m2) and was installed in 2012. The library has an extremely high traffic load throughout its entirety. Nine years after installation the flooring is still in extremely good condition. Given the high-performance of the product, Bolon flooring is also been installed in the John Medley Building and Art West Building, to name a few. ISS is a global facility management company and at the University of Melbourne maintains Bolon flooring using an encapsulation machine. The cleaning process is quick, efficient and operator friendly. Additionally only water is required to clean the flooring, eliminating the use of chemicals. Bolon flooring is easy to clean and extremely durable, offering excellent appearance retention over time and a long product life.”
Tony Gould, Key Account Manager ISS
University of Melbourne