Kvänum Kitchen Showroom

Copenhagen, Denmark


Kvänum Kitchen Showroom


Copenhagen, Denmark


50 m2


Grethe Holst

When the interior designer at Kvänum køkkener, Grethe Holst, researched materials for Kvänum køkkener’s showroom in Hellerup, the challenge was finding a flooring that would match the new style of kitchen they were going to have on display. Designed by the Swedish designer Louise Liljencrantz, with a minimalistic, almost Japanese look and form, the new amber-coloured kitchen needed the right flooring to pair with the kitchen design – which turned out to be Bolon.

“Pairing the Amber color with the right floor was a bit of a challenge, so the Bolon floor was a perfect choice – both in a way of finding a color that could match the Amber color, but also very much because of the texture, the tatami mat look, that just works perfect with the kitchen.”

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