Heimstaden, Flintholm II College


Heimstaden, Flintholm II College

The interior designers at Design Circus Copenhagen selected the interior design of Flintholm College with attention to both detail, functionality, aesthetics and the building's environment. Among the selected quality materials, the Bolon flooring was a natural choice due to its beautiful structure and mottled threads of colors and patterns which bring a warm and cosy counteraction with the chosen furnishings. Interior designer and owner of Design Circus Copenhagen, Birgit Tarp, explains that the common rooms are really luxurious spaces with selected textiles, bespoke benches and sculptural lightnings which have already after just one month a pleasant success for the community of the Flintholm college

Heimstaden, Flintholm II College
Copenhagen, Denmark
130 m²
Architect + interior: Nova 5 + Design Circus

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