Bolon by Jean Nouvel - No. 05

Made-to-Measure rug

Bolon by Jean Nouvel - No. 05

Industrial flooring with a hand-woven effect, created with architectural sensibilities and a linear design that amplifies spatial geometry – No. 05 features a red and light grey colour palette. Bolon by Jean Nouvel Design is an architect-driven flooring concept covering six distinct colours. The collection amplifies the geometry a room, making it possible to experiment with the layout and the natural flow within an interior space.

The image is in proportion to 2 x 3 meters

Bolon by Jean Nouvel - No. 05

Designed with architecture and spatial geometry in mind, Bolon By Jean Nouvel, is characterized by its linear design. No. 05 in red and light grey comes with our Solid Grey trimming.

Select Trimming

  • Solid Grey
  • Custom-made rug is produced to order.
  • Standard dimensions: minimum 2,0 x 2,0 m, maximum 4,0 m x 8,0 m. For other measurements, contact Bolon.
  • Each carpet has pre-selected edging that harmonises with the colour.
  • Product only available in Europe.
  • Samples are supplied in A4 size (297 x 210 mm) with a separate sample of the selected trimming.



Minimum 2,0 x 2,0 m
Maximum 4,0 m x 8,0 m


-5 cm

Trimmings visable width

2,5 cm


0,25 cm

Highest thickness

Corners up to 0,7 cm


Required for rugs with a width of over 2,0 m

Recycled content



1 year


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