Karolinska Institutet Student Center

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Karolinska Institutet Student Center

”We choose Bolon because of its variety of colours and patterns. We aimed for a flexible environment that had the same character – Bolon helped us to create just that” Charlotta Hallström, White Arkitekter.

In the renovation of Karolinska Institutet’s Student Centre, Stockholm’s medical school’s student facility, the architects at WHITE aimed to create a design concept that reflects the purpose and the history of the building – a laboratory student space that is closely connected to chemistry and medicine. Interpreting the concept of chemistry, the architects drew inspiration from lab environments, where materials such as glass, metal, flouroscent lights and Bolon’s flooring in the collections of Artisan and Elements created a playful and welcoming environment to the new generation of medical students.

Photo courtesy: Jason Strong

Karolinska Institutet Student Center
Stockholm, Sverige
1020 m²
WHITE Arkitekter

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