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Artisan - Colours for Every heartbeat

In September Bolon expands the Artisan collection with 10 new colours — vibrating, energetic and alert. A combination of characters presenting play and drama ready to move you.

– Artisan is a lively, expressive collection and we want to highlight those characteristics with colours that provide more combination possibilities both within the collection and with other items in Bolon’s product portfolio, says Cathrine Ahlenius, Head of Research & Design at Bolon.

The collection consists of 17 colours and the new added products to Artisan is; 

Play, summery and vivid. Play is an active, orangey colour. Indeed, stunning on a larger scale. Love, intensely warm, a red colour on fire. Love is certainly bursting with energy, alive and happy. Fresh, cool, an almost transparent green. Something new and thrilling happens when paired with natural colours. Wild,
a deep, and warm green. With its softening capacity, Wild will next to greens expand the colour range in a very attractive way. Spring, is a yellow toned green that shines. With a spirit that is one-of-a-kind it brings other colours to life. True, this is a noble blue. It is an enduring colour making any colour system complete. True goes well with the collection’s red called Love, no wonder. Water, a brave colour, feeling youthful and energizing. Water is clearly blue. Ink, nearly black, Ink has a deep blue tone. Very different to a pure black. It is a clever colour that becomes either sharp or silky when combined with other colours. Noir, black, with all its powers and assurance. Noir is sharpened, it can stand alone, or be combined with any neutral or bright colour. Chalky, nearly white with a feather-like sensation, Chalky is chalky in-between grey and beige.

Artisan is made in Sweden only with renewable energy, contains recycled material, is easy to maintain, has a high-performance classification 33 Heavy commercial and a 15-year warranty. The designs come in roll, 50x50 cm tiles and as Bolon Studio tiles, except Ivory, only available as roll and Bolon Studio tiles. The collection is accessible worldwide from the 7th of September and ready to give all spaces a heart beating splash of colours.

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