Bolon – 75 years of family flooring

As Bolon enters its 75th year, we celebrate a journey that began in 1949 in Stockholm, Sweden, where an innovative idea transformed textile waste into stylish rag rugs. Founded by Nils-Erik Eklund, Bolon has evolved from humble beginnings to a global leader in design-led, sustainable flooring solutions.

Our path has been marked by continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence. In 1967, under the stewardship of Monica and Lars Eklund, Bolon expanded its product range, including the development of mats for caravans. By 1993, we had begun manufacturing our signature wall-to-wall woven vinyl flooring, a testament to our dedication to design and quality.

The third generation of the Eklund family, Annica and Marie, took the helm in 2003, propelling Bolon into a new era of creativity and sustainability. Their vision transformed Bolon into a design powerhouse, collaborating with renowned designers and architects, and working with prestigious brands globally. This period saw significant milestones like the introduction of elliptic yarn in 2006, the consolidation of our operations in Ulricehamn, Sweden in 2012, and the launch of the Flow collection in 2015, our first product with recycled material.

Annica: My sister and I are beyond proud of what we’ve achieved over the last 20 years. Initially, our roles in the company were the other way around! But after 10 years we decided to switch positions. This is something telling about Bolon, we constantly try new things, push the boundaries, and challenge the status quo.

In recent years, Bolon has continued to break new ground. Our partnership with Jean Nouvel in 2017 and the collaboration with Patricia Urquiola in 2021 showcase our commitment to blending high design with functional excellence. In 2020, we set an ambitious goal to halve our climate impact and ensure that all our products contain at least 50% recycled material by 2028. Moreover, the installation of solar panels in Ulricehamn in 2023 highlights our dedication to sustainable production.

Marie: Sustainability has always been embedded in the DNA of the brand. During this year, we’re excited to implement new material innovations. We’ll surpass our goal substantially and will be able to offer 68% recycled material and 0% climate impact in all our products!

As we mark our 75th year, we are thrilled to further include the fourth generation of the Eklund family in the business. Linn, Liv, and Max bring their unique, creative qualities, ensuring that Bolon remains at the forefront of design innovation and environmental responsibility. 

“Together with my cousins, we are committed to honouring our rich heritage while forging a path toward a more sustainable and creative future with the insights of our generation.” – Linn Eklund

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