Teklan for Johanson Design

The master of harmonious interiors, Tekla Severin has done it again. The creator refers to herself as a colourist as it describes what she does; work with colour.

Her latest venture is ”Solaris by Teklan”, two installations commissioned by Johanson Design, inspired by the solar system and circular shapes. Bolon is proud to be a part of the exhibition with Artisan Love in rolls and a checkered pattern made out of Artisan Play and Botanic Blanche in 50x50 tiles. 

”Circularity – no fixed beginning, no definitive end. An everlasting continuum. A symbol for the sun, the basis and source for all life and activity, today and for every other day yet to come.”

Photography by Fredrik Bengtsson, retouch by Niklas Axelsson.

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