MATERIAL MAGIC with Lab La Bla Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

“To us, design has always been a way of expressing fun things, letting your inner child and playfulness show.”- Lab La Bla

During this year’s edition of the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Bolon is proud to partner up with Lab La Bla for the creation of the design bar Surface Club. Founded by Victor Isaksson Pirtti and Axel Landström in 2019, Lab La Bla focuses on handmade, custom-crafted elements and sustainability. The duo designs products, sculptures, interior design, and spatial design, in their own words; “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

“I think our creative process takes a lot of inspiration from experiments, we try to keep our eyes open always for unconventional material and look into ways of hacking traditional processes.” Says Victor Isaksson Pirtti. 

The duo, born and bred in the far north of Sweden, now resides in the deep south. “We have known each other since we were nine months old and met in the playground. I guess the workshop now is the new sort of playground.” Says Axel Landström. 

Their latest venture, Surface Club, is a material-driven project using waste materials, highlighting their commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.  With a hacked spray gun, the duo has developed ways to utilize waste such as wine corks, denim, leather scraps, and mining waste, in a modified powder-coating process. Surface Club is also the name for the design bar at SFF 2024. A 350 sqm area with parasols, mini-golf courses, and social areas.

“I think the fair can come across as a quite controlled and unsentimental place and we wanted to somehow disturb this by introducing a little bit of nostalgia and chaos into the mix. There's a lot of material magic that we want the visitors to experience.” Axel Landström continues. The bar will be an inclusive space that aims to surprise guests and create an informal atmosphere. By using unconventional materials, this project gives a fresh perspective on familiar waste with wall panels crafted from recycled dairy packaging, textile coating made from recycled materials, and of course distinctive flooring from Bolon.

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