Bolon by Färg & Blanche for the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union!

Between January 1st and for the coming six months the presidency of the Council of the European Union is held by Sweden. As part of the presidency the impressive Justus Lipsius building and the Europe building in Brussels have been fitted with the concept The Yellow Thread by Stockholm-based design studio Färg & Blanche.

The artistic installation features the exclusive and captivating Bolon floor Missoni Home - Flame Pineapple - created to give any space depth of character. 

“We wanted to have a floor that truly had a strong colour and we wanted to have a thread in the floor so we decided that Bolon was the best choice” says Emma Marga Blanche who created the concept together with Fredrik Färg.

The Yellow Thread symbolises the linking of people, societies and ideas. The colour yellow represents the flags of Sweden and  the European Union as well as hope, solidarity and curiosity.

“Yellow is the brightest colour in the visible spectrum. It captures our attention more than any other colour and represents happiness, optimism, illumination and creativity. Yellow also symbolises the Nordic light” says Emma Marga Blanche.

Long-time friends of Bolon, Färg & Blanche are known for pushing the limits of textile innovation.

“Bolon has been a major impact on the project because it was so important that we had a contrast between our arches and the floor - and as a collaboration, it is very easy for us to work together. The result is beautiful.” Says Fredrik Färg.

Go to our Youtube channel to see the inspiring interview with the design duo.

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