The University College of Copenhagen (KP)

The University College of Copenhagen (KP) has undergone a masterly renovation by in-house architect Cemile Hoyer. Housed in a former military hospital, around 6400 square meters were fitted with a creative combination of Diversity Bling Garnet and Buzz Spice which was complemented by brass details and walls painted in dusty pink.

What was the initial thought for this project?
- For me it was important to enhance the original architecture as it was almost lost after a series of renovations. I wanted to reveal the beautiful details and in addition it was to be a place that was inviting and gave visitors an experience of being in a good place.

The building, located in central Copenhagen, houses the administration, course center and the National Center for Business Education. The new interior, brimming with colour and contrasts, was a labour of love.

- It has been an exciting task and I have learned a lot in the process that will be of good use going forward. The most exciting part of this project has been to set the tone of the overall design; colours and materials on both the interior but also the architectural aspect.


Why did you choose Bolon?
- I chose Bolon because of the sense of design and aesthetics, something crucial to me. Bolon produces vinyl flooring much nicer than the ones I usually make.  Also, the fact that they work with sustainability, and as it is very easy to clean was an important aspect.

The interior has a thoroughly modern feeling with rattan and cane furniture creating social areas. This emphasizes the university’s aim to be a democratic learning environment focused on group work and encouraging students to take responsibility for their own education. 

- I have worked with surfaces and interiors that work well together and complement each other and give a sense of exclusivity. I focused on making our choice of furniture as sustainable as possible and put demands on suppliers. For example I made design company Hay produce the shells of their chairs in 100% recycled board, furthermore we reused old furniture that we’ve repainted in new colors. 


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