q&a with håkan nordin - head of sustainability at bolon

Bolon launches a Promise. This is a step towards our vision to offer the best sustainable flooring on the market. Håkan Nordin, Head of Sustainability, has been working with this topic for almost 40 years. We asked him about circularity and what has changed in the discourse in the last couple of years.

- In the 80´s there didn't exist any corporate responsibility as we see it today, climate was not on the agenda and different kinds of environmental labels were yet to be born. Today however, climate is on top of the global agenda and affects every kind of business. At the same time the development of the circular economy evolves and most businesses have a sustainability team with more and more power and importance.

When it comes to Bolon; what are the most frequently asked questions in terms of sustainability?  

- It's about the recycled material and if we offer take-back of our floors, but we also see a rise in questions regarding the climate impact. With our ongoing commitment to sustainability and our increase of recycled content drastically the coming years, we address both the climate and recycling questions.

How should one approach the Bolon Promise for 2028 and what parts are not to be missed?

- The Promise is our commitment to be a progressive part towards stopping climate change and create more circular products. What not to be missed is that it covers all our floors, all designs and we are serious in making beautiful and sustainable floors.

In general, what would you say is the biggest misconception about climate and individual responsibility?

- Climate change is both a global problem and invisible in day to day life, only when we see extreme weather events we get a glance of the ongoing change. The invisibility can make it hard to act and make people think that “my actions don't count”. The fact is that all actions count and it needs to increase in speed.

From your many years working with these questions, what has been the biggest insight and/or lesson?

- I think that the movement itself has to be sustainable. A shift towards less environmental impact from our lives, society and business so we need to find a pace of change that sustains over time.

Read more about our Climate Circular Promise online.

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