The sustainability report of Bolon is quite a handful so we wanted to help you by breaking it down to the key numbers. Bolon is 100% and 0%, we use everything and nothing, let us explain.

Our philosophy regarding materials is about using our resources in an efficient way. We do it by using approximately 20% recycled material in 100% of our floors. The virgin plastic material we use comes from environmentally certified producers and the major part of our floors are made of chalk which isn’t harmful to people or nature and in great supply on our planet. 

0% & 100%

We use 0% fossil  energy. Our factory and headquarters run on 100% renewable energy which gives a zero climate impact. This adds to the overall reduction of carbon footprint with the use of recycled material. 


As an environmental forerunner Bolon removed all dangerous chemicals such as softeners and heavy metals several years ago. Our floors are suitable for a wide array of environments such as hospitals , schools and hotels. They pass strict tests on emissions during  their full lifespan.  
So, the sustainability work at Bolon is 100% and 0%. We use everything and nothing. If you are interested in our full sustainability report please read it HERE


If you are interested in our full sustainability report please read it here →

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