Thank you for visiting us at Stockholm Furniture Fair

 As Stockholm Design Week comes to a close, we would like to express our sincere thanks for joining us for the launch of our new collection – Bolon By You. 

The week was a great success and we’re so happy to have had the opportunity to showcase our excellent products and hospitality. We hope that you found our collection impactful, and are inspired to start designing your own bespoke flooring today. 

We generated great interest and our team happily welcomed everyone to experience the dynamic collection close-up. Visitors were able to see and feel the textures of the new patterns and even leave with actual samples and product information. Wonderful contacts were made between agents, architects and customers and many returned for private meetings to discuss the collection further. 

  • SFF2016BolonStand004.jpg
  • SFF2016BolonStand001.jpg
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  • Talking-pieces-Hilland-Olbers3.jpg
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The week began with an exciting press event where Annica and Marie Eklund, Doshi Levien and the Bolon design team presented the collection in our astonishing stand.  The event allowed for a great conversation on the architecture-infused creative campaign, ‘Material Interventions’ which supports the new versatile collection. 

As the week progressed, many of you were able to join us in town for various meetings and gatherings where Bolon By You was on display. Most remembered, is the “Talking Pieces” exhibition which can still be seen until February 27th at Sidenväveriet.  

We hope to see you at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in April.