Inspired by "Silence" - Classic Gets A New Twist

Bolon is proud to announce the launch of our new collection ‘Silence’. With the design team working directly with the machines and processes of the factory floor, the collection offers unique characteristics born out of some unexpected and diverse sources. Bolon’s Creative Director Marie Eklund explains –

“For our new collection, we were inspired by the nature that surrounds us here in Sweden, historical textiles and by classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns. In a stunning way ‘Silence’ also showcases our flooring’s unique ability to create 3D effects and reflect light – this last characteristic means that the flooring can have a totally different appearance, depending on the direction from which light is falling. The result is a versatile collection that is subtle, light and warm, but still rich in colour with a silk-like appearance.”

Another noteworthy point with ‘Silence’ is the fact that it is 100% free of the softening agent phthalate – a feature that shows the company’s continuing commitment to environmental innovation and one that will be applied to every Bolon collection from 2014 onwards.

We believe that the timeless aesthetic and pragmatic features of our ‘Silence’ collection make it a stand out choice. For architects and designers, it offers almost unlimited potential when creating exciting interiors for offices, hotels, retail premises and many other environments.

From its introduction, ‘Silence’ will be available as a combination of sheets, tiles and, as a new article, planks as standard. The whole collection holds the same high ratings for wear and tear and fire-resistance and comes with the same long guarantees as every other Bolon collection.

Furthermore, in another intriguing development, the company has announced its intention to offer tiles from the Silence collection with a new, sound absorbing 19dB backing later in 2014.


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