Inside SFF: Bolon + Guest of Honour Paola Navone and the Talented Nick Ross!

With the Stockholm Furniture Fair of 2018 kicking off next week, we are especially excited to explore the exhibitions of Paola Navone (guest of honour) and up-and-coming Nick Ross (designed the central space in the Greenhouse area) who have both chosen to use Bolon flooring in their respective exhibitions.

Paola Navone - Iconic Design Icon and SFF’s Guest of Honour

With more than one string to her bow, Navone is an architect, designer, art director and an interior designer - all in one. Her genuine interest and strong passion for the relationship between modern design and traditional craftsmanship have generated a widely known multi-cultural and anthropological approach to art - and a truly unique, personal style, on the global design scene.

Explore her work at the Stockholm Furniture and Design Fair February 6th-10th, where she exhibits the unique installation ‘Thammada’ (meaning ‘every day’ in Thai). In this inspiring installation, Navone uses Bolon’s Artisan and Create collections to blend everyday things; patterns, textures, fabrics, objects and furniture from different design cultures in a friendly, colorful interior.

Navone is excited to be working with Bolon’s material:

“There are companies for which I feel a special fascination. It happens with Bolon. 

For the savoir faire belonging to its tradition. For the very special creativity that Bolon products tell. A little by chance and a little by attraction, our two worlds met here in Stockholm and I hope it is the beginning of a new creative complicity.”

Nick Ross - Up-and-coming, talented designer of the 2018 Greenhouse area

Born and raised in Scotland, the half-Swedish, half Scot studied industrial design in Aberdeen, where he was awarded the Arts & Heritage prize for his graduation project, Stray, in 2008. Since then, Ross has relocated to Stockholm where he opened his own design studio in 2014. Merging historical influences with storytelling, Ross explores how historical interpretations alter our current perceptions of objects.

As a promising designer, Ross was given the assignment to create an exhibition and a café for the new Greenhouse area at the SFF 2018, where he will use Bolon’s flooring, ‘Cork’, from the new Elements collection. The exhibition’s name, Prologue, refers to the opening of ancient Greek dramas and relates to Greenhouse being the opening act for many young designers.

Nick Ross describes his work via his Instagram account:

“The space has been designed to reference a greek amphitheater where the objects from these designers will take centre stage. Literally. - [proh-lawg, -log] (Greek πρόλογος prólogos, from pro, “before” and lógos, “word”) is an opening to a story that establishes the context and gives background details, often some earlier story”

Read more about Bolon’s installation at the SFF here


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