Our work

Maximum visual impact Minimum climate impact

We let sustainable innovation and development guide us

For over 20 years, we have reduced the environmental impact of our floors step by step – but we’re not finished yet. We will halve our climate impact and have at least 50% recycled material in all our floors by 2028. To achieve this, we will focus on how we source and use raw materials and innovate in terms of what we can do with our flooring after use. It’s about designing both the product and the life cycle so that the material we use can eventually become new resources for new products.

Since 2018, we have increased the amount of recycled materials in our floors by 71%

Recycling in every single product

At Bolon we have made an active choice not to have a green collection – our sustainability work covers all our products. Since 2014, we have an integrated recycling plant in our factory. It is built to process both our own and others' waste. The waste is recycled and used as a raw material for the backing of the flooring, which accounts for around 70% of the material content of the products. The plant also allows us to deal with recycling of worn out flooring and installation waste.

Climate neutral production

All our manufacturing takes place in our own factory in Ulricehamn, Sweden. The whole factory is a so-called dry plant - no liquids are used except water for humidifiers. The factory has a closed cooling system with no additives and no water consumption. We use only renewable and certified electricity in our production, making our entire production climate neutral. In the spring of 2023 we installed solar panels on our roof in Ulricehamn. The estimated energy production will cover around 25% of the annual demand for our production.

We know that by increasing the amount of recycled material in our floors and rugs leads to circular products with less environmental impact

Marie Eklund, CEO, Håkan Nordin, Head of Sustainability and Annica Eklund, Chief Creative Officer.