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High-performance design floorings

Produced using 100% renewable energy

All collections contain recycled material

Impressively durable

Easy to clean and maintain

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Designability /

Design Whatever,
We got you covered

When you create interior design with Bolon flooring as a base, you are set with an extensive palette of colors, shapes and patterns - making design possibilities nearly endless.

Endless design possibilities – mix and match the unexpected

With our design collections, collaborations and personalization, all ready to be combined in different patterns and shapes, you can create a one-of-kind flooring solution. On top of that, you are free to play with the yarn-direction to design a sophisticated three-dimensional effect. Go creative and have fun.

The magic of our yarn

We extrude our vinyl weft-yarns ourselves. Why? Well, it gives us full control over both strength and appearance, resulting in threads with just the right thickness, glossiness, colours and finish. It is key to our flooring’s performance and its vast design alternatives.



We produce our floorings in Ulricehamn Sweden using 100% renewable energy and recycled material in all collections. Every square meter is free from phthalates and hazardous toxins. And during the long product lifespan, the emission of volatile organic compounds is very low.

We believe in sustainability and the need to do better. Our efforts so far have resulted in a climate neutral production, an onsite recycling plant for production waste and floorings free from phthalates and hazardous toxins. That is all great. But we are far from satisfied. We want to recycle more, minimize our carbon footprint and reduce our overall environmental impact. And we are on it.


All of our flooring collections contain recycled material

Vinyl is an excellent material to use in floorings due to its long product life, durable properties, easy maintenance and suitability to be recycled. And we are proud to declare that all our collections contain recycled material.

We actually buy other people's waste to make our floors

Our integrated recycling plant enables us not only to recycle our own waste but also production waste of other companies. This makes it possible for us to produce high-end design floorings with an increasing percentage of recycled material. And hey, we are proud of every piece of garbage that we can transform into design. If you want, you can call us wizards of waste.

It all comes to life through our recycling plant

Curious about how we transform production waste into backing-layers of our design floorings? Let's have a look behind the scene.

We care for your indoor climate too

All of Bolon’s products are free from hazardous plasticizers and stabilizers, such as phthalates and lead. The flooring is also hypoallergenic; the emission levels are actually below the limit set for sensitive environments, making Bolon flooring suitable for healthcare facilities.

Cleanability /

We love clean floors, not cleaning

Bolon floorings are easy to clean, maintain and restore. At ninety-nine times out of a hundred, cleaning can be performed with just a vacuum cleaner, machine, brush, mop or water.

Designed to make cleaning and maintenance easy

Thanks to the tightly woven vinyl structure and the layers of solid backing, all floorings are impervious and resilient enough for almost any spill or mess.

No after-treatments are needed, which makes maintenance easier and ensures better indoor air quality.

Zeroing – restore your floor to an almost new condition

The regular daily cleaning is easy and straight-forward. And when you need it, you can restore your Bolon-flooring to an almost new condition: an advantage that makes our flooring perform, year after year.



Our floorings are perfect for commercial environments. So feel free to walk, dance, stomp, step, run, crawl or moonwalk. And bring all your friends. Our floorings are made to last.

Almost boringly durable

10 to 15 year warranty

All Bolon floorings comes with 10- or 15-year warranty.

Classification 32 or 33

All of Bolon’s standard collections have EN685 class 33 or 32 ratings which means they are suitable for hotels, shops, offices and other commercial environments.

Woven to impress and last

Our flooring's impressive durability properties are all thanks to the unique vinyl our tightly woven into a strong structure. The woven structure also gives the floorings its beautiful three-dimensional expression and tactile effect.

All floors go through rigid testing

All Bolon-floorings are thoroughly tested according to the EN 15114 standard for textile floor coverings and its stress classifications, as defined in EN685. And then we test some more.

High, sharp heels? Make
em’ sharper

Depending on how long and hard you dance, our floorings may show visible marks. But relax, these marks will disappear when you want them to.

So, this is what makes Bolon perfect for your project

This year, we decided to highlight our existing collections in renewed settings to showcase the endless possibilities of our floorings. All through the eyes of what we think design-flooring is all about: designability, sustainability, cleanability and durability. After all. Great design is more than meets the eye.

  • Recycled material

    100% of our collections contains recycled pre-consumer material


    Cleaning can be performed with a vacuum, machine, brush, mop or water

  • Class 32 or 33

    Classification 32 (General commercial) or 33 (Heavy commercial)


    We use 100% renewable energy in our own production


    Reset your floor to an almost new condition with zeroing


    No fire retardant ensures for better indoor air-quality


    All our floorings are free from phthalates and heavy metals


    All floorings come with a 10- or 15-year warranty


    Impervious and resilient enough for almost any spill or mess

Great design
is design
that lasts


CEO of Bolon