Acoustic Flooring

Actively contributes to acoustic comfort

Thanks to improved soundproofing, our design flooring is the perfect option for areas in which it is important to have good acoustics, such as hotels, offices, and public spaces.

21 - 22 DB
Reduces footstep noise
Sound Absorption
Made of recycled PET
50 x 50 tiles
Softer to walk upon

Sound On

Dance like nobody can hear

Sound insulation

Sound insulation is an essential feature in a building as it reduces the transmission of sound disturbances to the room below. In other words, sound-insulated flooring will improve the comfort of the indoor environment and the overall experience.

The innovative improvement of the flooring’s sound insulating performance can be found in the design. An insulation felt layer has been added to reduce noise and sound impact up to 21-22 dB, making Bolon market leading in woven design flooring with this feature.

A well hidden improvement

The innovative enhancement of the flooring’s sound insulating performance is concealed in 
the base of the design. The backing of the acoustic flooring is improved with an insulation felt layer that reduces noise and impact sounds. This insulation layer also provides the acoustic flooring with a total thickness of 5 mm.

  • 1 The weave layer consist of vinyl warp and weft yarns tightly woven together.
  • 2 The upper backing layer gives the flooring its fire-protective properties.
  • 3 The middle backing layer consists of glass fibre giving the flooring dimension and stability.
  • 4 The bottom backing layer contains recycled material.
  • 5 The sound insulation layer consists 
of a felt material that helps to reduce sound and noise traveling in the construction.
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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5

Reduced sound impact with recycled bottles

Bolon acoustic flooring is made from recycled industrial waste and used bottles. The sound insulation layer consists of 90% recycled polyester fibres which are sourced from PET-bottles. Together with the industrial waste used in the bottom backing layer the total percentage of recycled material is higher than 25%. And as all Bolon flooring, the production process is 100% climate neutral through the use of renewable energy.

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