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Our products has been developed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest environmental standards and they exceed many current legislative requirements. Equipped with this knowledge, you can use Bolon flooring with confidence from both a quality and responsibility perspective


    BASTA registration means that we can verify that our product meets agreed properties criteria regarding properties hazardous to the environment and health. See

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  • Byggvarubedömningen

    Our products are assessed by “Byggvarubedömningen”. This means that our assessed products are examined on chemical content, life-cycle, and sustainable supply chains. In this way we contribute to making it easier to build sustainably. All our products reach the assessment "accepted" Read more on

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    Best Practice PVC certified for the highest environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Bolon’s PVC suppliers and their raw materials attained have been assessed for production to the highest environmental standards. Best Practice certification also recognises Bolon’s commitment to end-of-life recycling through Product Stewardship strategies with partners such as TAG in Australia and South East Asia.

  • CE

    Our products are in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (the Construction Products Regulation). Reaction to fire class: Bfl – s1

  • DGNB

    The DGNB navigator provides, among other things, architects and construction managers with relevant information about the product that is easy to download and understand. The information is based on data from the EPD.

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  • Floorscore

    Bolon's floors are Floorscore certified, the certification places high demands on low emissions to ensure the quality of indoor air. Floorscore certification contributes, among other things, to a higher LEED rating.

  • Greentag

    Our Greentag rating covers social responsibility, product eco-friendly composition, VOC emissions and durability.

  • Golvbranschens Kretsloppsmärkning

    Database with information that gives the customer the opportunity to have full control of its contents throughout the life of the floor construction. Product information is shared via eBVD document and shows full transparency.

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  • Golvbranschen

    We are a member of the Swedish Flooring Industry recycling and waste management program.

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    The EPDs are a transparent independently verified document for the environmental impact of the flooring, connected to its life cycle. The EPD’s are created from the standard EN 158 04 and ISO 140 25.

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  • M1

    All Bolon floor products are certified according M1. The classification presents stringent emission requirements for the building materials used in e.g. work spaces and residences with respect to good indoor air quality.

  • NAAF

    In collaboration with the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association.

  • ECOproduct

    Our products are assessed according ECOproduct system. The products are being awarded marks in environmental areas indoor air quality, content of health and environmentally hazardous substances, resource use and global warming potential.

  • SundaHus

    SundaHus data is used as a tool to fulfill the customer's environmental program, to document the construction products in the building and to keep track of which products are used in the management and operation of the building. The assessment of products is based on different properties and is divided into five classes D, C-, C +, B or A where A is best. Bolon products are placed in Category B, which certifies full control of the production chain all the way down to polymer production.

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  • GreenTag PhD

    The Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ PhD recognizes progressive manufacturers who fully disclose the toxicity information of their product ".

    Input raw materials have been assessed from an environmental and work environment point of view in manufacturing and the products low emissions when used. The declaration complies with material requirements in WELL and LEED.

  • eBVD

    There are building product declarations for all our products. These declarations enable transparency throughout the construction phase.

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  • Declare

    With this label we improve our transparency and answer the question, What is in our flooring made of and where it comes from.
    The Declare label evaluates a product according to its compliance of building products within the Living Building Challenge, LEED and WELL building.

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  • UKCA

    The UKCA marking is the product marking used in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and applies to most products previously subject to the CE marking.

  • ISO 14001:2015

    Is a standardized management system for the environment. Through certification and regular audits, the opportunity to minimize environmental impact increases.



  • Sustainability report - 2023

    Learn more about our sustainability approach through our report below.

  • Product catalogue

    Download this year's product catalogue to get the latest on our new products.

  • Bolon Paper

    For us our design universe is so much more than just flooring. This is one of the reasons we produced Bolon Paper. With the paper we want to give a glimpse into our design universe and show the things that inspire us. We hope you enjoy spending time with Bolon Paper and that we manage to inspire you as much as we do with our design flooring!

  • Bolon pattern swatch

    Take a look at our design combinations in our pattern inspiration swatch and then go mixing, matching, and creating your own unique flooring-design.

    Download Pattern Swatch
  • Sector booklet: Commercial

    Be inspired by how others have used our flooring and rugs to create commercial spaces to thrive in. When choosing Bolon you get a high-end design flooring with all the practical benefits of woven vinyl. Beautiful, tactile and easy to clean and maintain. A perfect choice for any commercial project.

  • Sector booklet: Education

    Schools, universities and other educational premises demand flooring solutions that are durable, easy to clean, and at the same time, comfortable. Find interior inspiration for your project and discover how Bolon can make your educational interior both creative, inspiring and practical to use.

  • Sector booklet: Retail

    Find inspiration and learn how some of the most renowned brands have used Bolon to enhance their brand experience. When creating interiors for brands, The design must be chosen carefully to make sure it will outlast trends and remain fashionable over time. Our collections allow for the creation of exciting and durable floorings solutions that reflect positively on your brand.

  • Sector booklet: Healthcare

    Designing healthcare or wellness premises demand material choices that are safe, durable and practical. The aesthetics of the interior are sometimes compromised in favour of health qualities. Learn more about using Bolon in healthcare spaces here.

  • Sector booklet: Hospitality

    Bolon have been used to create inspiring and welcoming hotel and hospitality interiors all over the world. The durable construction in combination with its tactile woven expression and high-end design, makes Bolon flooring and rugs a superior choice for rooms, corridors, lounges and other areas of a hotel.

  • Sector booklet: Residential

    Using Bolon in residential interiors is an excellent choice. The flooring and rugs have a tactile woven expression that adds softness and an exclusive character to any room. It is also durable, safe and easy to care for. With Bolon, you can enjoy a designer touch without compromising on everyday practical benefits.

  • Reference catalogue

    Be inspired by our projects from all over the world in our reference catalogue.

  • Sustainability facts