Easy to clean

The composition of Bolon makes it easy to clean and maintain. The flooring is impervious and solid, making it equipped for wet cleaning and cleaning machines. Stains are easily removed using hot water.

Suitable for use with mechanical cleaners
Simple stain removal
Spills and dirt do not penetrate
Vinyl flooring, no fibres

Who are you?

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Cleaning and maintenance made simple

Easy to clean
  • Cleaning is simple and cost-effective
  • Wet-cleaning is the preferred cleaning method
  • Mechanical cleaners are recommended for high-traffic areas
Stain removal
  • Easy stain removal
  • Hot water removes most stains and furniture indentations
  • Use freeze spray or steam for chewing gum
Cleaning routines
  • Clean by machine or manually
  • For mechanical cleaning, the recommended methods are roller brush.
  • A poorly maintained floor can be restored to an almost-new condition with the zeroing method
Indoor air quality
  • Impervious to water, with no exposed fibres where dust, dirt or debris can accumulate
  • Water-based cleaning reduces the need for chemicals
  • Low emission of VOCs ensures good air quality indoors
Bolon vs. textiles
  • Stain removal is easier on a Bolon floor
  • Bolon flooring is cost-effective to maintain
  • No drying time required for Bolon flooring
Think preventively
  • An efficient entry system can save your floor from 85% of all incoming dirt
  • Choose colour with care
  • Divide cleaning areas into zones

Beauty with benefits

We love clean floors, but not cleaning. Luckily the unique composition of Bolon doesn't only look great, but it also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Win-win!