We are pushing recycling in the design industry


Sustainability isn’t just something we say. It’s what we do.

Bolon started production more than 70 years ago with a bold idea: to produce woven rugs from waste material. Put simply, it was recycling – long before the word was invented. For us, sustainability is built into our DNA. It’s an important part of who we are as a company. We are proud that our sustainability work covers all our products and not just selected niche collections. This means that when it comes to sustainability work, Bolon is the global industry leader.

All Bolon floors contain recycled material and every year the amount increases. This is the core of our business. Furthermore, we recycle materials from other industries and sectors and use them in our production

Climate neutral production

All Bolon floors are made with 100% renewable energy and contain recycled material. And every year the percentage increases. Sustainability is woven into everything we do. Just like in our floors. We as a company have a clear responsibility, not only to change the traditional flooring industry with bold design. We also have a responsibility to the planet we will leave to future generations.

We will halve our climate impact and have at least 50% recycled material in all our floors by 2028

commitment to sustainability

100% of Bolon flooring is made in Sweden

100% of our collections contain recycled material

100% of all production with zero climate impact

100% renewable energy used in all production

100% of PVC in our flooring is environmentally labelled

100% of our flooring is free of phthalates

Pb Cd

100% of our flooring is free of heavy metals

100% of all our flooring meets the toughest requirement of emissions during use

100% of all water cooling in production is circulated in a closed loop with 0% water consumption

Our journey


Switch to stabilisers free from heavy metal


Development work to achieve higher wear resistance and longer life for our floors


Inauguration of our factory in Sweden for entire floor production


Implementation of 100% renewable electricity


Change to phthalate-free plasticiser


Our integrated recycling plant opens


Start purchasing external waste


Raw material from eco-labelled PVC is introduced in production


All collections contain recycled material


Introduction of post-consumer waste


Launch of our sustainability promise for 2028


Decision made to produce our own electricity via solar cells