A design retreat in Italy including a private tour of Fornasetti's home

Our Marketing Director, Sarah Herman, recently embarked on an extraordinary design trip with Kate Watson-smyth and Sophie Robinson to Italy, Milan, Venice, Lake Como – and a private house tour of the residence of iconic Italian designer Piero Fornasetti. 

The Fornasetti house, discreetly situated on an unassuming city street, captivates visitors from the moment they step through its plain wooden door. The entrance unfolds into an ornate high-ceilinged passage, leading to a spacious garden adorned with a car, garage, and a charming small jungle.

Within the house, Sarah discovered an awe-inspiring array of Fornasetti's creations. Best known for his iconic plates featuring the face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri, the designs extend beyond to whimsical furniture, cabinets, vases, clocks, and even ceramic cats lounging on chairs – all exuding Fornasetti's trademark humour and wit.

Fornasetti's philosophy of "practical madness" is evident in every detail. He believed that while his creations were precise and well-reasoned, they also embodied a touch of madness. Sarah found inspiration in this approach, noting that our homes should reflect our stories and express our individuality, even if it means embracing a touch of whimsy.

Amidst the curated madness of Fornasetti's designs, Sarah witnessed a celebration of colour and detail that challenges the conventional norms of decorating. In a world where practicality often overshadows creativity, Fornasetti's legacy encourages us to infuse our living spaces with personal narratives, turning our homes into vibrant reflections of who we are.

In a society that sometimes leans towards sensible neutrals, Sarah’s tour of Fornasetti's home serves as a reminder that there's beauty in embracing the extraordinary, the whimsical, and the unconventional. After all, our homes are canvases on which our stories are painted – let them be stories of practical madness and boundless creativity.

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