Gustaf Westman with unique installation for bolon

What can better describe the aesthetic of 2020, than that of Gustaf Westman? With equal parts DIY and futurism he has taken over the internet with his cloud-like furniture, curvy mirrors and wavy room dividers. The Stockholm based emerging furniture designer truly is the talk of the town (and Instagram).

Named one of “Six under the radar Scandinavian designers” by Vogue Living, the designer has selected some of his best work for the Bolon Labstore in Stockholm and created a unique installation celebrating the wonderfully weird and quirky.  The installation ties together with the Bolon brand and our love for great design that lasts. We asked our new favorite furniture designer some questions. 

Gustaf! How are you?

I'm very good thanks! For the moment I'm working outside in my parents backyard in Dalsjöfors, it’s sunny and I just opened a cold beer. So I can’t complain! 

What is your feeling when designing and what inspires you?

That’s when I'm the happiest, listen to some good music and just dive into my sketching. I get inspired by everything all the time. But the most inspiration comes from interesting people and their way of living! While sketching, my most important rule is to not look at magazines or sites like pinterest, that gives me too many impressions and I'm easily losing focus. 


If you could design a floor for Bolon – what would it look like?

My answer for this might be boring but I have no idea. For me it’s always important to give the design process time and if you really want to know I'll probably need to do sketches for some weeks. But if i should guess it would probably be something colorful!  

What are your goals and ambitions with design and furniture?

I don't have that much foresight on what I want to do in the future, I take it as it comes. I hope I can still do the same thing as I do now. One dream is to have a combined office and showroom space in Stockholm so hopefully I have that. 

What do you think the future, post-covid will look like in terms of design? What experiences will be brought into the new age and what lessons have been learned?

I'm not that worried actually, I think that everything is paused but it feels that people are gaining energy that will be used to create an even more fun period when all this is over. I already feel that people want a fresh restart and are more willing to discover new stuff. That's of course good for me personally as a new designer but will also give a new energy to the whole design world. 

Anything else you want to add?

I have a new website! Go there.

For more, check out Gustafs site, or follow him on Instagram

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