Our products and processes have been awarded stringent environmental certifications for buildings. These third-party verified certifications are one way of demonstrating and communicating the environmental quality. Our declarations provide transparency and availability for everyone. Because Bolon operates in many different markets, we have many different certificates and declarations.
For our PVC raw material, we have the third-party ecolabel, Best Practice PVC. Our flooring’s environmental performance is assessed according to BRE Global, which is a component of BREEAM (International labelling for buildings). For the declaration of chemicals in our products, we comply with, among others, the very strict requirements in BASTA. In addition, our floors haves emission values so low that they are certified according to International FloorScore.

The environmental impact of all our products can be followed via the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is an ISO-based third-party audit of the product's environmental impact over the entire lifecycle, from raw material to processing after the product's useful life.


  • BRE Global

    We have the rating A + to A according to BRE Global, with connection to BREEAM a well-known environmental certification system for buildings. The products are listed in greenbooklive.com

  • Greentag

    Our Greentag rating covers social responsibility, product eco-friendly composition, VOC emissions and durability.


    The EPDs are a transparent independently verified document for the environmental impact of the flooring, connected to its life cycle. The EPD’s are created from the standard EN 158 04 and ISO 140 25.

  • eBVD
    There are building product declarations for all our products. These declarations enable transparency throughout the construction phase.



    The BASTA registration means that we can prove that our products meet agreed quality criteria regarding environmentally and health hazardous attributes. See www.bastaonline.se.

  • Byggvarubedömningen
    We have products that have been approved by the Building Products Assessment, which is an industry-wide system for environmental assessment of construction products. All our products reach the assessment "accepted"
  • CE

    Our product meets CE labelling requirements as specified in CPD directives for safety, health and environment.

  • DGNB

    The DGNB navigator provides, among other things, architects and construction managers with relevant information about the product that is easy to download and understand. The information is based on data from the EPD.

  • Golvbranschens Kretsloppsmärkning

    Our products content declarations including chemicals are registered with the flooring industry central database in Sweden.

  • ECOproduct

    Our products are certified for ECOproduct, a sustainability certification rewarding companies that are selecting environmentally friendly materials and products in construction projects.

  • SundaHus

    The SundaHus environmental certification database contains more than 70,000 products grouped into the categories A, B, C, and D. Bolon is placed in Category B, which certifies full control of the production chain all the way down to polymer production.

  • GreenTag PhD

    Our floors are declared according to Greentag's "Product health declaration". Means, among other things, that the input raw materials have been assessed from an environmental and work environment point of view in manufacturing and in product and its low emissions when used. The declaration certifies that we meet the requirements of WELL.



    Best Practice PVC certified for the highest environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Bolon’s PVC suppliers and their raw materials attained have been assessed for production to the highest environmental standards. Best Practice certification also recognises Bolon’s commitment to end-of-life recycling through Product Stewardship strategies with partners such as TAG in Australia and South East Asia.


  • Floorscore

    Bolon's floors are Floorscore certified, the certification places high demands on low emissions to ensure the quality of indoor air. Floorscore certification contributes, among other things, to a higher LEED rating.

  • M1

    M1 stands for low emissions.The classification presents emission requirements for the building materials used in ordinary work spaces and residences with respect to good indoor air quality.


  • Golvbranschen

    We are a member of the Swedish Flooring Industry recycling and waste management program.


  • NAAF

    All our floors are recommended by the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association.