Thinking beautiful with doshi levien

Detta är ett utdrag ur Projects We Love 2018. Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien share how their pursuit of beauty guided them to provide the art direction for Bolon’s bespoke Bolon By You collection.

Nipa Doshi is clear about her role as a designer. “For me, beauty is very important,” she says. “ The feeling that a person has towards a material can go beyond the rational. But even if it ’s sometimes easier not to talk about beauty, because it ’s not something concrete and quantifiable, I think it ’s something that we as designers unashamedly pursue. ” 

Doshi and her partner Jonathan Levien are the founders of Doshi Levien, an east London-based design practice. Doshi and Levien have created furniture, furnishings, installations and accessories for design brands and institutions such as Moroso, Kvadrat, Cappellini and Galerie kreo. Now, they have collaborated with Bolon, providing art direction for Bolon By You, a new flooring collection that can be tailored to suit different architectural projects. “How can we get people to love Bolon’s material?” asks Doshi. “ That’s the most important thing for us.”

The Bolon project has been a major undertaking. Doshi Levien has designed the company’s concept art, as well as display pieces for Bolon’s showrooms, sample books for the company to send to clients, and online tools to help architects specify flooring for buildings. What links these strands is a theme of presentation. “We were looking for a more intuitive, direct way of engaging with the products,” says Levien. “We wanted people to be excited about getting this material in their hands.” 

Det här är en del av Projects We Love 2018.


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