preguntas frecuentes

preguntas frecuentes

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Where can I buy Bolon flooring?

Bolon is represented globally by exclusive and trained partners. Get in touch with your local partner for more information about Bolon in your country.

From where do you deliver?

All floors are designed and manufactured in Sweden, we have a complete inhouse production.


What sizes is it available in?

Rolls 200 cm – Tiles 50 x 50 cm – Planks 667 mm x 222 mm – Studio shapes

Is the flooring acoustic?

Yes it will improve the impact sound insulation and airborne sound absorption.

What is the fire rating of your flooring?

The fire rating is Bfl-S1.

What is the warranty?

Bolon flooring warranty on product is 10 years for use classification 32 and 15 years for use classification 33.

Is it suitable for high traffic-areas?

Bolons flooring collection exists of a use classification 32 and a use classification 33. Use classification is for normal commercial use and use classification 33 is for heavy commercial use.

Is it suitable for underfloor heating?

Bolons flooring is perfectly suitable in combination with underfloor heating. The thermal resistance is very low.

Is Bolon flooring anti-static?

Bolon flooring does not generate a static charge but it cannot be classified as an electrostatic dissipating floor. Bolon flooring has been tested and fulfill the requirements of the European Directive EN 1815.

Is the flooring water-proofed?

Bolon flooring is water resistant and does not allow water to penetrate.

Instalacion y Limpienza

How do I clean Bolon flooring?

Bolon flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. Important is to vacuum daily and to clean on a regular base with just water and no soap. Read more about cleaning here.

How do I install Bolon flooring?

Bolon floors should always be installed by qualified professionals according to the instructions. Installation instructions may vary slightly depending on the choice of design and floor size. Visit Installation for guides and videos.


How transparent are you with the content and impact of your products?

We are completely transparent and have third-party certifications for both environmental performance and content declarations.

Do you calculate the flooring’s environmental impact across the whole life-cycle?

Yes, we have performed so-called EPD's, life cycle analyses, on all our collections.

Which products contain recycled material?

100 % of our collections contain recycled materials.

Do you use renewable energy?

Yes, all our manufacturing and our headquarters are powered by 100% renewable energy for both electricity and heat.

Health & Hygiene

Is Bolon flooring healthy and safe?

Bolon is Floorscore certified for low VOC emissions and contributes positively to indoor air quality. Bolon flooring is even recommended by the NAAF, the Norwegian Asthma & Allergic Association.