They call it waste ...

We take pride in offering long lasting products with a closed life cycle. Except using our most precious resource; the ‘waste’ coming from our production, we take care of pre-consumer waste from our suppliers and other best practice PVC producers.


In 2014, we invested in a new recycling plant, ‘the Agglomerator’. The plant allows us to recycle our own waste, as well as flooring installed with Bolon NoGlue®. It also allows us to recycle waste from our suppliers and other best-practice PVC producers. All recycled material goes into the backing of our flooring.

  • Raw Materials

    We are picky with our materials and only use the highest quality raw materials available. All material is carefully sourced from our approved suppliers.

  • Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing process is carried out in our production site in Ulricehamn, Sweden. The production uses 100% renewable energy.

  • Product

    Our design philosophy is all about quality. Therefore, all floors hold a 32 or 33 durability classification with a 10 or 15 year warranty. Our flooring contains up to 33% recycled material (soon to be 50% – we’re working on it).

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