Another major global issue is climate change. Due to its partial origin (oil or gas), plastic and its effect on climate change are subjected to constant debate. When fossil material like oil, coal and gas is burnt to produce electricity, heat or drive vehicles the results are carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. If not burnt, but instead used to produce materials with a long life span, there is no climate impact.

Plastics actually take part in the reduction of carbon emissions in many parts of society. The use of plastic enables food to stay fresh over longer periods, make cars lighter thus making them require less fuel. The wings on wind power plants are made light and strong. The list of plastics playing a positive role can be made long.

In today’s society, the recycling of metals like copper and aluminium is standard practice. Just like plastic, metal is a finite resource and the circular mindset should be the same for both materials. Recycling is the way forward.

Today the two most common ways of dealing with waste, is landfills and the incineration for energy recovery. We see that the solution is a circular material flow where no waste is created. This will reduce our climate impact. At Bolon we have already implemented a circular mindset, and since 2014 we have recycled material in our products. To close the loop and be truly circular we have embarked on a journey where we explore the possibilities of taking back used floors in their entirety.

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