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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy directly from Bolon, the head office?

    Bolon is represented globally through exclusive partners. Find your local partner here.

    For countries without an exclusive partner, please contact us at


  • Is it suitable for high traffic-areas?

    Yes. Bolon flooring is tested to the EN 15114 standard for textile floor coverings and its stress classifications, as defined in EN685. Floors are graded into different classes according to their resistance to wear: class 31 for light traffic, class 32 for moderate traffic and class 33 for heavy traffic. All of Bolon’s standard collections have class 33 or 32 ratings which means they are suitable for hotels, shops and offices. Class 33 is recommended for high traffic areas, such as shops, open-plan offices and public halls.

    Bolon flooring is not an entryway flooring system and does not keep moisture or dirt form being tracked indoors. On the contrary, Bolon flooring should be completed with an effective entryway system that stops dirt and moisture at the door.

  • How is the flooring constructed?

    The top layer (the weave) is fused with the backing, which consists of PVC and an integrated layer of glass fibre. 

  • How do I clean the flooring?

    Bolon flooring is simple to take care  of – with a vacuum cleaner, scrubbing brush and stain remover, 99% of cleaning needs can be accomplished.

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