Illusion Labs

Malmö, Sweden


Illusion Labs


Malmö, Sweden


550 sqm



Design agency RumRum refurbished the office of video game developer Illusion Labs in Malmö, Sweden. Inspired by the company’s colourful world with graphics and vibrant colours the result is an office where different areas represent different games. A seating area in the canteen was built to mimic the urban feeling of bleachers surrounding skateboard ramps. The large portfolio of Bolon products and colours are displayed on 550 square meters with Missoni Home ZigZag and Flame in green, turquoise, yellow and red. The lively colours are complemented by hues of blue, green and grey from our BKB and Artisan collections. The finalized project is a reflection of the creativity of Illusion Labs thanks to RumRum and with help from Bolon flooring.

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