Cundall Office


Cundall Office

When Cundall moved their office to a building in the London city centre in 2015, the assigned architects from Ben Allen saw the opportunity to give the new workplace a sustainable character that puts the wellbeing of the occupants at the very heart of the design. With lots of lush plants, natural light streaming through the large windows and a series of Bolon flow tiles almost resembling shining silver in the light, Cundall’s office breathes sustainability. That was also the reasoning behind the choice of Bolon flooring. “We chose Bolon because it’s a recycled material, produced by a family-run business,” Kumari, sustainable design consultant at Cundall, recounts. “I like that they are doing something good for the world”, she concludes.

Cundall Office
London, United Kingdom
1500 m2
Studio Ben Allen

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