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Bolon launches 22 decibel recycled acoustic felt backing

BOLON enters a new era of acoustic flooring by launching a new and improved sound insulation layer. The company’s design flooring is becoming an even better choice for premises such as hotels, offices and public spaces. An insulation felt layer is offered, to improve the impact sound insulation up to 21-22 dB, continuing BOLON’s market lead in woven design flooring with this feature.

100% of all BOLON collections contain recycled pre-consumer waste. With the sound insulation layer, we add 90% recycled polyester fibers from post-consumer waste originating from PET-bottles. This results in a BOLON flooring with the highest percentage of waste material of all the products in the assortment.

We are proud to finally launch this product on the market, as acoustic flooring will improve the quality of the indoor environment and the overall experience. This is extremely important in hotels and offices, hallways and above conference rooms. The floors absorb up to 15% of all sounds and noise Marie Eklund, ceo

Different areas have different needs and connecting these seamlessly can be challenging, but with the BOLON acoustic flooring felt this is possible. The insulation layer gives the acoustic flooring a total thickness of 5 mm which makes this product ideal to combine with other (non-acoustic) textile floors if wanted. The collection is available worldwide from the 7th of October. 


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