Bolon at Aritco Talk

How can we make our homes and offices more sustainable? This question was the starting point for a round table talk initiated by Aritco during Stockholm Design Week. Bolon Head of Sustainability HĂ„kan Nordin, architect Thomas Sandell and Marketing Director David Schill from Aritco were led in a conversation by Li Pamp.

The road towards a net zero future can seem difficult but in a new research paper by Aritco and Springwise; designers, architects and innovative brands are developing materials, digital applications and energy-saving solutions that will help us tackle the most complex issues of our age. Reducing waste, supporting biodiversity and building a circular economy are just a few of the actions we need to take.

As we all need to retrofit our homes and work spaces and rethink our lifestyles, what should we prioritize now to make the biggest short-term impact? And what areas of sustainable design and architecture will have the most enduring, long-term legacy?

Sustainability is in our DNA, since 1949 we have worked tirelessly to improve and optimize our product. Last year we launched our Promise; by 2028 all the flooring we produce will be 50% circular and we will halve the climate impact of our products.

Read more about the Bolon Promise here.

Watch the Artico round table discussion here.


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