Bolon at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is a great example of the many benefits of choosing Bolon. A large government building with high demands for low maintenance and requests for custom colors made Bolon the choice for architects at Lund + Slaatto. Finished in 2020, the office features 2800 m2 Bolon flooring, Create Inducto, Elements Walnut and Artisan Denim to mention a few. We asked interior architect Torunn Petersen from Lund+Slaatto Architects about the project.

Contemporary Scandinavian
The angular building, completed in 2020, is one of four major buildings in the area. It has a crystal-like exterior, created by reflecting aluminium panels. Orange window frames add playful softness while wooden wall panels in light ash give it a contemporary Scandinavian feeling. 

-  The work process together with UDI has been very similar to any other office-projects. We were lucky to get a lot of input from the employees that brought us closer to the ideas for the interior design. For example - the rich colored and playful social areas was a specific wish from the employees.

Easy to clean & custom colors
One of the requests from the UDI was maintenance friendly areas, especially in break rooms/canteens. 

- Instead of a small field in front of the kitchen, we wanted the whole social area to have a seamless, unifying floor. Tiles or parquet weren’t good enough regarding the acoustics, so Bolon was a suitable choice.

Beside the sound insulating properties, the wide range of colors and our ability to create custom colors was one of the reasons Bolon was chosen.

-  We wanted to combine 4 different colors in one pattern – and different colors per floor! The colors can tell you which floor you’re at. We also made a special color combination at one floor to achieve perfect harmony, and we are pleased that Bolon could make specials in small amounts. We believe that only Bolon could deliver the perfect flooring for these areas. 

Each floor has its own color identity in order to create a diverse interior experience. Together with the textiles, lighting, wall colors and furniture, the floors create a holistic experience.

-  The variation of one color from the soft nuances to the brighter tones, smooth surfaces together with more rough textiles. We have strived to achieve diversity within the interior design. There are many different meeting places and even more variety in seating options. UDI has given us freedom to plan the smallest details, and we are happy that they seem to enjoy the result. 

Bolon floors are certified by the Norweigan Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF) since 2016. Read more about Bolon certifications here! 


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