MER uses Bolon to create Microsoft Sweden’s new Stockholm HQ

Today’s offices have souls and speak for the values they stand for. Microsoft’s new HQ in Stockholm, created by MER architects, is one of them.

Microsoft’s new Stockholm Headquarters made the move to the buzzing entrepreneurial heart of Stockholm, Urban Landscapes, a block of offices where Spotify, EQT, Netlight and Nordic Tech House become Microsoft’s new office neighbors.

Centred around an entrepreneurial vibe, the idea of Urban Landscape is to host a physical meeting place for innovative encounters and collaborative freedom. This focus on the human aspect of work is well-tailored to Microsoft’s increasing attention to the individual needs of every employee and support of a smooth switch between work and life – a mission in which design becomes a powerful tool.

MER designed the 3000 square meter office around the idea of Scandinavian seasons, where each seasonal landscape has given inspiration to a shifting environment within every area, offering the visitor a healthy, varying experience in terms of function, lightning, colours and the choice of materials.

This attention to nature, which also can be seen in the green atriums and balconies throughout the space, brought on adesire for materials that meet strict requirements of sustainability and accessibility while simultaneously delivering ahigh-end design touch – three main reasons why Bolon’s flooring was chosen to fit the office pace. Through the installation of Bolon NOW Champagne and BKB Sisal Nature Black, 800 square meters of sustainable flooring joins the choir of great material choices and an impressive lightning concept developed by Paloma Design Studios.

With a focused attention to an inclusive environment where every employee thrives, that can be adjusted over time and welcomes everyone MER has created a divine, modern office. But more than that, MER succeeded in creating an office with soul, where the choice of materials, colours and lightning speak for the sustainable, human-centred values Microsoft stands for.

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