What makes Bolon a great choice for commercial premises is the remarkable level of durability in combination with high end design. It is easy to install, maintain and to clean, making it perfect for offices, corridors or conference rooms.

With Bolon you can enjoy a designer touch in any commercial space without compromising on everyday practical benefits. Bolon is a smarter investment as our flooring has a long product lifetime during which we offer warranties up to 15 years. And with its competitive durability properties, superior quality, and easy cleaning and maintenance routines it ensures a high return of your initial investment.

Innovative London-based Studio Octopi is a young architecture firm on the rise. Many of their clients are companies in the media and advertising industry, including Saatchi & Saatchi and Beattie McGuinness Bungay (both who also installed Bolon). When designing a space for 18 Feet & Rising, the biggest challenge was to match the  strong brand. 

”18 Feet and Rising was the fastest growing advertising agency in London in 2011. Its new premises on Clipstone Street provided its few employees with a relatively large amount of space. They were looking for a smart and original solution as fast as possible and with a limited budget,” explains Chris Romer-Lee, the co-founder of Studio Octopi and the designer for this project. ”They needed a look that matched their creative business and enhanced the agency’s unique position and portfolio”.

With the keywords theatre and illusion the concept was quickly created. Studio Octopi optimized the daylight with the tactile, woven textures of Bolon’s floors.  ”The idea was to play with the perspective and to make the business look larger than it really was. The desks were arranged into cogwheel-shape, patterns that were also highlighted by the flooring. We were aiming to create a dynamic look using relatively simple means, and thereby create an interior setting that would promote the agency’s.”

The solution, custom designed tiles from the Bolon Artisan collection, highlight various effects in the office area. Together they created a parquet-style diagonal pattern The Bolon Limited collection was used in the tunnel and meeting room. ”We wanted to create a more direct response in the tunnel and meeting room and the elegant dark-brown Bolon harmonised fantastically with the stained plywood. Bolon and its partner in the UK, Flooring Concept, have given us support and guidance all the way,” says Chris Romer-Lee. 

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