Bolon is not a one-trick pony. Our ability to provide our clients with tailormade solutions has made us world leading in woven design flooring and a safe and sound investment.

Our floors can be fitted to almost any space, from meeting rooms and staircases to receptions and corridors. Here are five reasons why we are perfect for your commercial project.

DURABILITY –all our collections have EN685 durability class 32 or 33, which ensures for a long product life.
WARRANTY – all our flooring collections come with a 10 – or 15- years warranty. 
APPEARANCE RETENTION – unlike textile and hardwood, our flooring retains its appearance without flattening.
THICKER FLOORING –the insulation layer makes the flooring thicker 5 mm matching other flooring types. 
SOFTER – another great benefit of acoustic Bolon flooring is that it makes it softer and more comfortable to walk on. 

But this is just a few of the reasons to choose Bolon. With over 70 years in the business our great knowledge of customer relations, sustainability and design we see potential where others see problems. Our factory and warehouse, located in Sweden, give us the possibility to deliver unique designs to those projects that demand something special. Feel free to contact us with your idea and let us become a part of your creative process. At Bolon the design possibilities are nearly endless.

For more information, please contact: or download our commercial booklet below!

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